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Data-driven marketing used to be hard. We’ve made it easy. Try our all-in-one marketing platform, APSIS One, to discover how you can use data to empower, unify and personalise your marketing activities, grow your business, and save time.

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Create segments. Set up marketing automation flows.Track real-time website behaviour.

With the APSIS One 14-day trial, you can…

  • Create segments to personalise your marketing at scale.
  • Gather interactions on unique customer profiles to create your own segments, or use pre-defined smart segments based on actions, attributes and behaviour.
  • Set up marketing automation flows to stay relevant at all times. Nudge your customers toward continuous conversion from welcome to post purchase – and anything in between.
  • Track website behaviour to personalise every interaction and customer journey.
  • Turn the data into action by launching personalised messages across your owned channels. Gain insights and improve your results by analysing bounces, clicks, opens and conversions from your SMS, email, website, forms and marketing automation activities.

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We’re all about getting you off to a great start with APSIS One. A free trial is no exception to this rule. After you’ve filled out the form, Baris, our very own APSIS One expert, will schedule a meeting to guide you through the platform and the tools so you can squeeze the most out of your 14-day trial.

What our customers say...


“APSIS provides us with a platform for both our customer data and customer communication - all in one place. This will help us target our marketing operations and increase our customer communication efficiency.”

– Janette Bjorøy, Marketing Director.


”APSIS One gives us the opportunity to create automated journeys to a larger extent than what was previously possible. The platform also enables us to create omnichannel experiences so we can adapt our communications to different goals and customer behaviours.”

– Stefan Söderlund, E-commerce Manager


“For us, the automation feature is very valuable. Thanks to this, we can push harder on what our potential customers actually have an interest in and give them even more relevant information.”

– Robin Ekelund, Customer Relations & Market.


” With APSIS One, we can get to know our guests and, thus, take the next step towards building even better relationships with them.”

– Patrik Wiklund, Data Analytics Manager.