It's all about data

Data is a hot topic right now. Do you know what your data collection looks like, what data you have or why you haven't started collecting data yet? Where should you start and how should you do it? In this webinar we show you how data affects the quantity and quality of your marketing activities, as well as the simple actions you need to get started.

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    Personalisation is key to capture the attention of your target audience. But how can you personalise to maximise the results of your marketing efforts? In the following webinar, we’ll decode the answer and present how you easily can collect and analyse all your data using a Customer Data Platform.

    Time: 18:23

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    Working with data-driven marketing has its ups and downs. Believe us, we know. We also know that it can be tricky to bridge multiple data sources in order to gain the insights you need to optimise customer journeys.

    Time: 20:23

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    How can you ensure a unified experience across a plurality of channels and devices? In the following webinar, we’ll explain how to create an easy, personal and scalable customer journey.

    Time: 49:00