#2015EME: Adapting to the evolution



It was great to see so many people gather for our annual EME conference this year. Not only did our speakers make a lasting yet fresh impression – remember the push-ups on stage? – but our hands-on sessions and case studies gave a chance for attendees to talk about the hottest topics in digital marketing right now. Read on for a quick recap of what happened at #2015EME.

We kicked off #2015EME with our popular Pre-Conference Day, where participants got to hear APSIS experts hold interactive sessions on good CTA copy, the future of email design and other intriguing aspects of email marketing.


The #2015EME Keynote Day started off on a high note, with our hosts Tove and Pontus dancing onto the stage and taking the first ever EME conference selfie with the audience. Our CEO Kim Mortensen then welcomed everyone to the conference and spoke about the essentiality of email, how it’s been with us for so long and yet is still not going anywhere. True evolution at it’s best.

“Real-time is a mind-set”

When David Meerman Scott took to the stage, his invigorating presence manifested itself in special activities on stage, like doing push-ups, or using Periscope to broadcast his thoughts in real-time! One of his main messages for us, in fact, was about the importance of real-time engagement with our customers, in a humanly, un-corporate-speak manner. His real-time thoughts were supported by real-life examples from every aspect of today's culture – from his wife’s love of penguins to Lindsey Lohan newsjacking and Justin Bieber warnings.

“Data makes me click”

Following up on her Pre-Conference talk about email deliverability, Laura Atkins let us in on her obsession with data and customer-centred marketing. She challenged us to let the control of sharing data over to the users, as today, people are at the centre of the online world, and we should meet them in their territory. And the extra hard part? Listening to what users tell you afterwards.


“Hi, I’m Nick, and I’m an email addict”

Nick Westergaard confessed his email addiction publicly to the crowd, but didn’t just stop there: he entrusted us all with his email address to use as we see fit. While several people were no doubt planning their future email correspondence, Nick presented us with timely tips and tricks drawn from the most unlikely sources of our times: Maslow’s famous hierarchy of needs (as relevant to the digital age) rubbed shoulders with Beyonce’s “Single Ladies”, and he called out Louis CK as being one of the best examples of modern email marketing strategy. Be relevant, be real-time, be engaged, and don’t forget: “email is our bread and butter”. The words of a true addict.

“Sucking data makes you thirsty”

This was just one of the many examples Dietmar Dahmen used to electrify the audience and provide a truly explosive end to the day. Vampires as data collectors, “bamm bamm bamm” superheroes as fearless adopters of change, and Arnold Schwarzenegger as a constant achiever of the impossible were especially thought-provoking when applied to our new responsibilities as marketers in this ever-evolving digital universe of ours. He urged us to remember that change is essential, and to keep both feet off the ground while running towards the future of marketing.  

While all four speakers approached it from different perspectives, the main message of the #2015EME conference was relatively simple. In order to satisfy our customers’ ever-evolving needs, we need to invest more in digital marketing. Whether that means investing financial or human resources, or investing more energy into our relationship with our customers, the point is the same: marketing is still evolving. And now we know how to evolve with it.


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