Boost your e-commerce with product recommendations

Act on behavioural data from visitors in your online store. Create personalised product recommendations or automated retargeting email flows with APSIS One.

 Examples of how to build recommendations in the Apsis One tool.

Product Recommendation

Create highly personalised recommendations

Deliver automated recommendations based on the products or pages each visitor browsed, carted or purchased in your online store. Customise and enrich your recommendations with customer data from the Audience feature in the APSIS One platform.

  • Email Recommendations
  • Website Recommendations
Display of a customer profile in the Apsis One system, the card shows the various activities of the customer profile.

Expand with the power of profiles

Power the automated flows for your online store with customer data platform in APSIS One. Gain a holistic customer view by integrating behavioural data from your online visitors with your existing customer profiles.

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