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Workshops that deliver action-based insights

APSIS workshops are interactive and insightful ways to stay on the cusp of digital marketing trends in the Nordics. With experience from working with over 4,000 customers, we’ll provide insights, real-life examples and strategies that deliver added momentum to your 2020 campaigns.

Our Workshops

  • Digital Marketing
  • E-commerce
digital marketing workshop

Digital Marketing Workshop

How can you earn trust, gather data, and create the value your customers desire? During a two-hour session, we’ll present the hottest marketing trends, share our top insights on omnichannel marketing and walk through how to combine content and data to accelerate growth.

ecommerce workshop illustration

E-commerce Workshop

The Nordic e-commerce landscape is evolving rapidly. During this e-commerce workshop, we’ll get you up to speed with the latest industry know-how, inspiring cases and strategical divergencies in consumer trust and preferences.

The session gives you hands-on tips on how you can optimise your business. Completely centred on your current performance; we’ll either conduct a quick analysis of your online presence, or explore your latest results – if you’re an APSIS Ecom customer.

Other workshops that might suit your needs...

Marketing automation

Kickstart your marketing automation by learning to build a welcome flow for your new customers and subscribers.

Customised email marketing

Truly effective email marketing is not one-size-fits-all. This workshop helps you identify the right structure for sending personalised emails to your audience.

Top digital marketing practices

Get inspired by digital marketing cases that we’ve handpicked from our stock of 4000 companies. This hands-on session is filled with industry know-how, personal tips and real-life examples.

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