Two female consultants in an office environment.

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From entry-level workshops to advanced training sessions - browse through our premium services to find the best fit for your company.

Boost your knowledge in digital marketing

Join our sessions to grow your knowledge with engaging discussions and practical tips. We offer both basic and advanced offline trainings, in all Scandinavian countries. Find out more about our upcoming sessions in  Sweden, Denmark, Norway or Finland

From idea to execution

Our group trainings consists of 3 hours, divided into two parts. In the first half, we discuss and create a solution. In the final half, you will perform hands-on tasks based on the previous discussion.

UPDATE 17th of March 2020: Group trainings will be held online until further notice due to the current public health situation.


Our group training sessions at our offices cost 2000 SEK per participant for our customers (max two participants per company). We reserve the right to charge a “no show fee” if you cancel your participation later than 48 hours prior to the start time. Cancellation is done via your registration confirmation.

Our online trainings are of course free of charge and are available in English and Swedish.

Upcoming group trainings

  • Basic email training
  • Advanced email training
  • Survey training
  • Event training
  • Online trainings (Basic)
Utbildning i epostmarknadsföring

Basic email training

This basic training session for APSIS email tool gives you the knowledge needed to succeed with email marketing. In this course, you will learn to upload a list of recipients and create a newsletter with our easy drag-and-drop tool. You will also learn how to analyse the results of your campaigns.

We also offer trainings on site in all nordic languages:

Two female consultants in an office environment.

Advanced email training

This advanced training session dives deeper into the world of segmentation and demographic data. Learn how to create filters based on demographic as well as behavioural data (opens and clicks). And learn how to build and apply filters to recipient lists, reports, and email content to take your marketing to a more personal level.

To enquire of the next Advanced email training in english please contact us!
We currently offer trainings in the languages below:

Professional services consultant preparing for Apsis survey training.

Survey training

This training session gives you comprehensive knowledge of our easy-to-use Survey tool. We will walk you through the process of setting up a survey with all kinds of questions and answers. In addition, you will learn how to create conditional questions, as well as how to set up automation that start when the respondent completes the survey.

To enquire of the next Survey training in english please contact us!
We currently offer trainings in the languages below;

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Event training

The event training session shows you how to use our tool to set up an event from start to finish. Learn how to create registration forms, send invitations, reminders and follow-up emails and much more. Furthermore, we will discuss best practices for handling registered participants and cancellations.

To enquire of the next Event training session in english please contact us!
We currently offer trainings in the languages below;

Two people attending Apsis Email design training.

Online trainings (Basic)

Do you prefer learning from the comfort of your own desk? See below for our upcoming online training sessions.

Personal trainings, customised for your team

Looking to improve a certain area? See what you can achieve with our customised trainings, where you and your team will learn all there is to know about our solutions and its features.