Intelligent customer and lead profiling

Follow your customers, prospects and leads every step of the way with APSIS Lead's smart profiling functions.

Boost your user experience with dynamic forms

APSIS Lead's dynamic form builder lets you design forms exactly the way you want, without a single line of code. The forms are intelligent (to say the least): they recognise each user, and let you change the form questions based on what you already know about them. This makes it possible for you to enrich your customer profiles with fresh and relevant information. 

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Follow your leads, every step of the way

How much do your leads know about you before you contact them? Our profiling functions in APSIS Lead makes it easy to follow all interactions someone has made with your website: downloads, clicks, previous sign-ups... You will see all these interactions in an intuitive timeline, providing you with valuable insights about your customers. 

“APSIS Lead helped our sales team prioritise their time and quickly identify customers worth pursuing. This let us focus on growing our business – it was simply awesome!”

- Fredrik Hamring, Sales Manager, Dicom Expense

Supercharge your lead management.

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