Big data needs big analytics.

Web analytics platforms drive insight. APSIS Profile Cloud Analytics drives action.

Power up your analytics

Web analytics tools give you insight into what's happening across your site, your customers' user journeys and where you need to focus your attention to optimise them.

APSIS Profile Cloud Analytics collects and formats all of your customer data around a single profile. It allows you to standardise all your profile data into a simple structure, giving you a physical picture of your customer data in real-time.


Save energy with your marketing

Use APSIS Profile Cloud Analytics to select the best course of marketing action around each and every customer and prospect. Instead of merely setting up segments and waiting for them to populate, ask questions of historic data and report on it accordingly to finetune your actions and improve your results.

And that's not all!

Feed your collected data to any web analytics package (such as Google Analytics) or other data system using a SQL connector. This will let you:

• Query data in real-time

• Connect different BI tools to both query and visualise data

• Add new data easily, without any changes to the data structure

• Create segments to power your personalisation

• Optimise your Amazon Redshift connector


Better analytics > Better insight > Better action

Intrigued? We can tell you more.

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