APSIS Pro for Salesforce

Integrating APSIS Pro with Salesforce provides you with a new range of marketing and sales possibilities. It makes it easier, more efficient and valuable to use Salesforce in combination with APSIS Pro.

Track your email marketing campaign

We know that opt-ins, bounces and other recipient activity are all vital information when planning your next segmented and personalised campaign. Which is why our owned Salesforce integration with APSIS Pro lets you access your data through a single login. Everything is presented in the same CRM environment that you already manage your customer relations in. Choose between automated (triggered) or manual data synchronisation to keep track of your email marketing campaign results. No matter what you choose, you will enjoy the increased efficiency in your sales and marketing efforts.

Focus on your sales activities

Choose from the many additional features of our APSIS Pro and Salesforce integration, like getting continuous support for powerful data mapping, automatic updates to APSIS members within the Salesforce environment, or using the unified analytics capabilities of the two solutions to further streamline your workflow. This way you will spare your sales and marketing teams from performing the same time-consuming manual tasks over and over again. Just think of all the additional time and energy you will have to focus on your core activities!