APSIS Pro for SuperOffice

APSIS Pro for SuperOffice is a simple, yet powerful integration. Save your time and resources and explore the many benefits of integrating your CRM with our email marketing solution.

Integrate sales and marketing

Ever thought about integrating your sales and marketing activities in SuperOffice with your email marketing workflows? Doesn’t it make perfect sense? Adding your SuperOffice contacts as recipients to your APSIS lists will let you receive immediate responses in SuperOffice via our automatic synchronising options. This way whenever something happens in your email marketing communication, like a bouncing email or a subscriber opting out, this information will appear immediately in SuperOffice on the relevant company card.

Simplify and improve your workflows

Using the features and benefits of our SuperOffice integration will shorten and simplify your everyday workflows. Just imagine the possibilities of seeing your email marketing response history for each and every company and contact person in SuperOffice. With our integration tool, all information is easily accessible and searchable with the helpful search tool that allows you to create selections in SuperOffice (based on your APSIS email response). Your data will be at your fingertips, letting you further improve and segment your campaigns. Having all your data scattered in multiple platforms will soon become a distant memory.

APSIS Pro for SuperOffice lets you:

  • Connect SuperOffice Selections with APSIS lists to add SuperOffice contact persons to APSIS lists.
  • View the email marketing response history for each company and contact person in SuperOffice.
  • Use the search tool that allows you create Selections in SuperOffice based on an APSIS Pro email response.
  • Get notifications in SuperOffice when an email has bounced.