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Hand over hot leads to your sales team with APSIS Pro for Lime CRM

This unique integration makes it easier than ever to create new business opportunities. Automate your marketing towards your key customers and leads with APSIS Pro for Lime CRM. 

How to create new business with APSIS Pro for Lime CRM

A close cooperation between marketing and sales departments is vital for marketing success. This is why it makes perfect sense to connect your marketing activities in APSIS Pro with your sales activities in Lime CRM. How? Just use the powerful segmentation capabilities in Lime CRM to create relevant segments for your newsletters, campaigns and events in APSIS Pro.

Lime CRM for APSIS Pro saves lots of valuable time by automatically adding your selections as recipient lists in APSIS Pro. Time you can then use to create better and higher-impact campaigns in APSIS Pro. 

Synchronise your reports

To see who actually opens and clicks on your reports is invaluable information for salespeople. Our integration synchronises the reports from your APSIS Pro email marketing campaigns directly to Lime CRM, and makes the recipients' interactions visible on their customer cards. Seeing your customers' engagement and generating sales-qualified leads just become that much easier. 

Want to try this out yourself? Please contact Lundalogik for more information. (Please note that integrating APSIS Pro with Lime CRM requires our APSIS Pro API.)  

Lead management & marketing automation with APSIS Lead

Want to take the next step? With APSIS Lead, you're able to identify people and companies that visit your website. Set up conversion points for your downloadable content, and use dynamic forms to capture even more valuable data from your visitor. 

Start nurturing and qualifying your converted vistors with our powerful marketing automation tool, and automatically notify sales when your leads are ready to talk! 

Integrate APSIS Pro Event with Lime CRM

Organising events requires both time and a good structure. Save time and resources by importing recipient lists directly from Lime CRM, then creating automated invitations and reminders in APSIS Pro Event. View your participants' status in APSIS Pro, as well as in Lime CRM where registrations and cancellations are sent automatically. This gives you a clear overview of all your participants, their food preferences and other special requests.

The best part? You'll save the time needed to create the best possible event experience for your target audience.

(Please note that a separate and customised integration, as well as our APSIS Pro API, is necessary to see your participants' status in Lime CRM. Reach out to Lundalogik for more information.)