Our leading team

Every company needs leaders. We happen to have four strong ones.

Kim Mortensen

Our fearless leader Kim joined APSIS in 2011 as an Indirect Sales Director, before becoming CPO, COO and finally CEO in 2013. He has a degree in business administration and brings deep industry knowledge and 8 years of email marketing experience to the company.

Johan Krantz

Our COO Johan was previously a board member of ProspectEye, from the start of the company until its acquisition by APSIS in 2014, when he became our COO. He has 10 years of experience in software system implementation, consultancy and development.

Johan Eriksson

Johan has been with APSIS as our CFO since 2012, and has extensive accounting knowledge and over 15 years of relevant industry experience. Before joining APSIS, Johan held multiple management positions at QlikTech.

Lars Meincke

Lars has worked with sales and marketing for the majority of his life, and is currently our Global Sales Director. He is passionate about embracing changes in sales culture and applying them to real-life scenarios.

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