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Posted 7th December 2017 by APSIS

Why Internal Collaboration is Important for Defining and Scoring Your Leads

Are your leads hovering around, rather than moving forward? The problem might be caused by a lack of internal collaboration, diffuse definitions and ambiguous goals

Tags: Marketing Automation, Lead Management

Posted 16th November 2017 by APSIS

How to Transform Video Engagement into a Full-Funnel Marketing Solution

Lights, camera, action! Video may be the new go-to trend for lead capturing, but how can you turn it into a full-funnel marketing experience? The answer lies within actionable data and a system for marketing automation…

Tags: Marketing Automation, Data-Driven Marketing, Lead Management

Posted 5th December 2016 by APSIS

11 E-commerce, B2B & Data-Driven Marketing Predictions for 2017

It’s time to look ahead! We’ve collected everything marketers need to know about the most booming branches of digital marketing in 2017 - do you think we’re right?

Tags: Marketing Automation, E-commerce, Data-Driven Marketing, Lead Management

Posted 23rd September 2016 by Noemi Gobel

What's Email Retargeting & Why Should You Care?

Email enthusiasts been throwing around this phrase for years - but do we actually know what it is? If not, it’s time to find out - apparently 2017 is the year it’s supposed to gain a new significance.

Tags: Email Marketing, E-commerce, Data-Driven Marketing, Lead Management

Posted 8th September 2016 by APSIS

What Happens in the Marketing Funnel?

Lead generation doesn't just involve your sales teams - marketing departments have just as much impact on the process! Check out our infographic to see exactly how much...

Tags: Marketing Automation, Lead Management

Posted 3rd August 2016 by APSIS

Product News: So. Many. Updates.

We love tweaking our products, making them shinier and obsessing over their small functionalities. Discover what we've cooked up in the APSIS kitchen recently...

Tags: E-commerce, Lead Management

Posted 1st June 2016 by Noemi Gobel

33 Hot Stats about Lead Management & Automation

Lead management and marketing automation have a great impact on businesses everywhere. Don't believe us? We have 33 statistics to prove our point!

Tags: Marketing Automation, Lead Management

Posted 12th January 2016 by APSIS

5 Things to Know About Lead Generation in 2016

Time to switch focus from company to customer! APSIS Lead expert Wilhelm Sahlberg tells us the most important things to keep in mind for our lead generation strategies in 2016.

Tags: Lead Management, Marketing Automation

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