About us

We deliver personal and scalable data-driven solutions for marketing automation, e-commerce, lead generation, segmentation and email marketing. With more than 18 years of experience of developing measurable and efficient tools that are easy to implement, our goal is to enable marketers to create personal and valuable customer relationships. Regardless of channel or platform.

+18 years...

...of experience in digital marketing


...dedicated employees worldwide


...customers across 50 countries

APSIS is all about...

People First: From our employees to our customers: our work revolves around understanding people and developing our solutions to meet their needs.

Challenge: Innovation requires new ideas. We continuously challenge the industry to create new perspectives and solutions for digital marketers.

Simplify: Simplicity is key to create efficient, personal and scalable solutions for data-driven marketing in a complex world.

Ownership: We take responsibility that we deliver what we promise and finish what we’ve started.


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