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APSIS closes 2020 with 320% growth on all-in-One marketing platform APSIS One

With close to 100 customers joining the platform monthly, APSIS One has been generating measurable value for digital marketers in over 50+ countries. Find out how APSIS harnessed the power of automation to achieve incremental growth in 2020.

APSIS announces move of European data infrastructure to Frankfurt, Germany

Two weeks remain until the UK leaves the EU. Although we had hoped for clearer instructions concerning data transfers, this has been out of our control. However, we are happy to share that APSIS has now initiated the next phase of moving our data hosting from London, UK to Frankfurt, Germany. Find out more about how APSIS will proceed despite the uncertainty. 

Wästgöta Finans Accelerates Their Sales Funnel with APSIS One

Hundreds of companies have taken the step to make data-driven marketing easy with APSIS One. APSIS can now announce that Wästgöta Finans, a Sweden-based private loan agency a part of Jula, has decided to move from static email marketing to data-driven marketing by implementing APSIS One.

“We want to increase brand awareness with potential customers, the signing phase with prospective customers, and the payment phase with existing customers. APSIS One ticks all the boxes in the sales funnel.”

– Therese Hjälmner, Head of Marketing & Sales at Wästgöta Finans

Sanoma Utbildning implements APSIS One to strengthen customer communication

Since the launch in 2019, businesses from varying industries have decided to implement APSIS One to deepen their data-driven marketing. APSIS can now announce that Sanoma Utbildning has, after using the solution on their B2B business area, decided to move all of their marketing activities to APSIS One.

APSIS One Takes Flight in Finland

As a provider of digital marketing tools in Finland since 2007, APSIS can now announce that Delete Group Oy and Winestate have decided to take their data-driven marketing to the next level with APSIS One: the all-in-one marketing platform for website personalisation, marketing automation and email marketing.

APSIS Releases New Native Integrations

APSIS can officially announce the release of three integrations to support the further development of APSIS One. Customers can now leverage the power of APSIS One in combination with Sitecore CMS, Episerver CMS and Magento eCommerce.

“Setting up an integration between APSIS One and Sitecore, Magento or Episerver can be done within a matter of minutes. We want to move the power of data into the hands of marketers. Providing them with the tools to easily integrate multiple systems is a key part of that.”

–  Jonas Bertelsen, CPO at APSIS


Sabis improves their customer experience through APSIS One

With the launch of APSIS One in 2019, APSIS has moved from providing several different marketing solutions to a single all-in-one marketing platform for advanced personalisation. APSIS is now proud to announce the latest addition to its customer portfolio: food and experience company Sabis.

"With APSIS One, we have the opportunity to work with automated customer journeys on a whole other level and integrate data from multiple platforms. This will enable us to tailor our communication to the customer’s status in the customer journey and become more efficient with our marketing efforts"

- Sema Schmidt, Head of Marketing at Sabis.

Novi Real Estate Choose APSIS One

Novi Real Estate Choose APSIS One To Develop And Automate Communication

With the launch of APSIS One, APSIS has moved from providing several marketing solutions to a single all-in-one marketing platform. APSIS is happy to announce the latest addition to an ever-growing customer portfolio: Swedish property management company Novi Real Estate.

“We see great potential with APSIS One in terms of simplifying our internal processes for external communication with our tenants. As the process of producing communication material is smoother and more efficient than our previous solution, we can add new communication opportunities.”

– Alexander Johansson, Leasing and Marketing Manager, Novi

APSIS solutions are eligible for the Hong Kong D-Biz Programme

APSIS is one of the selected official IT Service Providers of the Hong Kong D-Biz Programme. Now is the perfect time to get on-board with APSIS One as you can get your marketing investment 100% funded through the Hong Kong government.

APSIS One Expands Its Footprint Across Europe

Enabling great marketing is borderless. That’s why APSIS is happy to announce two Czech additions to its all-in-one marketing platform APSIS One. The two customers range from retail to various types of consultancy and education services - showing the diverse capabilities of APSIS One.

Skrivanek quotes:
“We chose APSIS One based on our long-term satisfaction with APSIS and the APSIS Pro platform. We decided to move to the new APSIS One platform because it provides a more modern solution for newsletter distribution and advanced automation.”

– Martina Smejkalová, Marketing Specialist, Skrivanek:
“With APSIS One, we look forward to simplifying and aligning sales and marketing. A clear advantage is the simple and very intuitive creation of newsletters and working with data.”

APSIS and Newport deepen their collaboration through APSIS One

APSIS has delivered marketing solutions for Newport’s customer communication over the last four years. The Swedish-based retailer has decided to take their next step in data-driven marketing with APSIS One. Their aim is to build automated and personal customer journeys to increase the overall customer experience.

APSIS welcomes several new customers to their all-in-one marketing platform 

APSIS – one of the leading providers of marketing solutions in the Nordics – welcomes several new customers to their all-in-one marketing platform APSIS One. Some of the new customers are Parks and Resorts, LensWay, Tillberg Design of Sweden, Svedea, Fjordkraft, Friluftsfrämjandet, and Pharma Relations.

APSIS is expanding to Benelux

APSIS – Northern Europe’s leading data-driven platform for digital marketing – is expanding to Benelux at the beginning of 2020. The ones responsible for the opening of APSIS in the Netherlands are Ben van der Laan and Ton Fernandes who, all in all, have over 30 years of experience within data-driven marketing.

APSIS teams up with Danish startup to provide millions of free visuals in APSIS One

Since the launch of our digital marketing platform APSIS One earlier this year, the platform continually evolves and the amount of users are rapidly growing. Today, we are very excited to take a new step on the journey as we announce a partnership with Jumpstory, the Danish startup that has set out to reinvent the visual industry.

APSIS’ headquarters in Malmö moves to Kungsgatan 6 in 2021

In March 2021, APSIS will move to Kungsgatan 6 in Malmö and become the very first, new tenants in the building. The move to K6 will open up new opportunities for APSIS as a company – this, because the new workspace will unite all employees on the same floor, and also reflect their vision, work process, and newly developed platform: APSIS One.

APSIS releases a podcast about digital marketing

On June 25th 2019 APSIS will release their new digital marketing podcast: “A Zip of Marketing”. The podcast is targeted to digital marketers in the Nordics, and it will contain some of the hottest topics in the industry, such as marketing automation, ease of use, and personalisation.

Meet APSIS One, our new platform for data-driven marketers

We’re proud and excited to announce the initial release of APSIS One: Our unique take on a Customer Data Platform. The new platform consists of Audience, Insights and easy-to-use tools for digital marketers. APSIS One is the result of a major initiative in product development, made possible by the acquisition of Innometrics and its Customer Data Platform - Profile Cloud in 2016.

Emma Dyga Is APSIS' New CEO

Emma Dyga has been chosen as the new CEO of APSIS. As the previous Head of Operations at ComHem, Emma will assume her new position in November 2017. 

APSIS Marketing Automation

APSIS is proud to present our newest, most innovative solution yet for companies who want to develop and personalise their customer journey: APSIS Marketing Automation.

APSIS and Innometrics join forces to launch APSIS open marketing hub

Digital marketing company APSIS sets new standard with APSIS Open Marketing Hub, enabling customers to do truly integrated marketing - at their own terms.

APSIS Asia awarded by APAC CIO Outlook

APSIS Asia is honoured to have been recognised by APAC CIO Outlook as one of the “25 Most Promising Sales & Marketing Solution Providers” in 2016.

Today ProspectEye becomes APSIS Lead

As of the 10th of March, our brand ProspectEye becomes APSIS Lead. APSIS Lead provides smart opportunities to attract, nurture and deliver high quality leads to B2B companies’ sales organisations…

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APSIS and ProspectEye announce merger

APSIS Group AB (APSIS), market leader in email marketing solutions in the Nordics has signed an agreement to acquire and merge with Prospecteye AB (ProspectEye), market leader in Lead Management, to solidify it position as the leading…

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