Emma Dyga Is the New CEO of APSIS

Emma Dyga has been chosen as the new CEO of APSIS, Sweden’s leading company for data-driven marketing. As the previous Head of Operations at ComHem, Emma will assume her new position in November 2017.

With years of experience in the technological industry

Emma Dyga has held positions as Director of Customer Experience and Director of Operations at ComHem, Business & Market Insights Manager and as Chief Technology Officer. Furthermore, she has a Master’s Degree from Stockholm University.

Emma Dyga is the successor of Anders Frankel, founder of APSIS.
“APSIS has, under the leadership of Anders Frankel, focused on the development of AI, acquired Innometrics and created a complete data-driven platform for marketing and sales. With this stellar legacy and with Emma’s lengthy and relevant experience, APSIS holds a strong position for future growth”, says Henning Hansen, Board Member of APSIS.
APSIS’ new CEO comments:
“The technological shift from traditional to data-driven marketing is rapid. APSIS is already well-positioned within Marketing Automation and has world-class product development. This vouches for the probability that we’ll proceed to deliver the smartest platform so our customers can continue to create an exceptional customer experience”, says Emma Dyga.