APSIS’ headquarters in Malmö moves to Kungsgatan 6 in 2021

In March 2021, APSIS International AB will move to Kungsgatan 6 in Malmö, and become the first new tenant in the building. The move to K6 will open up for new opportunities for APSIS as a company as the new workspace will unite all employees on the same floor, and also reflect their vision, work process, and newly developed platform: APSIS One. 

With more than 18 years of experience in developing measurable and effective tools for data-driven marketing, APSIS aims to enable marketers to create valuable customer relationships: regardless of channel or platform. Recently, APSIS launched a brand-new platform: APSIS One – a digital marketing solution that enables marketers to unleash the power of data through the unique combination of a data platform and a suite of intuitive marketing tools. Right now, APSIS is undergoing major organisational changes. By moving to a new office, they are taking a step in the right direction by adapting the workspace to the company: both visually, organisationally, and in terms of brand.

Emma Dyga

CEO of APSIS International AB

As an organisation, APSIS is undergoing big changes – which means a transformation in how we work and how we view ourselves. We have recently launched a brand-new platform and the move to K6 opens up for the opportunity to work in a way we already do – but will need to do even more in the future. The fact that we can now gather everyone on the same floor, means that we are able to interact with each other even more, and also that we can create conditions to benefit the process-oriented organisation we are today, says Emma Dyga, CEO of APSIS International AB.

Pelle Rosell

CMO of APSIS International AB

The move to K6 is planned for early spring in 2021 and according to APSIS’ CMO Pelle Rosell, the new workspace – which is over 2000 square meters in size – is in line with APSIS’ processes and brand.

This building aligns with our wishes and ways of working. The move gives us the opportunity to get into the heart of Malmö and get closer to several of our business colleagues. The new workspace reflects us and our values, and it unites our employees in a whole new way. We also look forward to welcoming customers and guests into a workspace that, visually, reflects what APSIS is – and does. In addition, it is really good that the ground floor in K6 will be designed as an open and favourable place for networking and community building, says Pelle Rosell, CMO of APSIS International AB.

The renovation of Kungsgatan 6 began in October 2019 and, in total, there are 11,500 square meters available in the building, where approximately 4000 of them are already rented out. The property owners are Svenska hus, who have their regional office in the building. 

About APSIS International AB

APSIS delivers personal and scalable data-driven solutions for marketing automation, e-commerce, lead generation, segmentation, and email marketing. APSIS started over 18 years ago, and today they are Sweden’s leading company within data-driven marketing – with over 3600 customers globally. APSIS has almost 300 employees around the world, with offices in Stockholm, Gothenburg, Malmö, Helsinki, Oslo, Copenhagen, Hong Kong, and Singapore. 

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