Mattias Ward: Data-Driven Marketing

This just in: Mattias Ward's much anticipated book about data-driven marketing has arrived in Swedish online bookstores!

Now also as an ebook!

Mattias Ward's Data-driven Marketing is now available as an ebook on AdlibrisiBooks and Dito. Take the chance to see what's behind the cover in this exclusive preview chapter where Mattias Ward explains how you can adapt to a world where the customer is fully in control and demands a first class experience. His key message is short and clear: adapt, or become extinct.

Your new guide to data-driven marketing

DATA-DRIVEN MARKETING collects all you need for creating smarter marketing in a multi-channel, multi-device world. For digital marketers looking into the future and beyond; for executives planning the next step for growth; for anyone keeping their thumb on the pulse of the digital world – this book will give you the tools and knowledge you need to successfully adapt to the modern marketing ecosystem, covering: 

  • The importance providing a consistent brand experience
  • How to break the shackles that keep your data in silos
  • Bridging the gap between offine and online
  • The legal landscape and issues of data and privacy
  • Practical tips on how to start using customer profiles
  • Valuable lessons from companies pursuing a Single Customer View

Where can I buy the book

DATA-DRIVEN MARKETING is available at several online bookstores, including (but not limited to): Adlibris, Bokus and Ginza.

About Mattias Ward

Mattias Ward has first-hand knowledge of the data-driven economy. After founding the successful company Innometrics (later acquired by APSIS), he’s now an evangelist for APSIS Profile Cloud, spreading word of this new technology for professionals and marketers around the Nordics. Mattias lives in Stockholm with his wife and 4 daughters. 

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