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A Zip of Marketing

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Keeping up with all digital marketing trends isn't easy... Therefore, we’ve gathered some digital experts who will share their expertise in different trending concepts in digital marketing. They’ll also offer you their best hands-on tips so you, as a marketer, can become even sharper. So, if you want to stay alert with trends, learn more about digital marketing, or just spend some time relaxing while being inspired - then this is the podcast for you!

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Sarah Chase recording her podcast episode about

“Without ease, there is no marketing!”

Sarah Chase | Episode 1

What does the concept of Ease of Use mean? And how critical is it for your business? In the first episode of A Zip of Marketing you’ll hear the Copywriter Sarah Chase – who works with the ease aspect every day – talk about how to get ease into your mindset, the benefits and common mistakes of ease, and her best tips on how to get started! Tune in!

Tim Reher in Apsis Podcast studio.

How To Become Relevant Through Personalisation

Tim Reher | Episode 2

How important is it to personalise your content? And can personalisation and relevance imply that you succeed with your business? In this episode, we talk to Tim Reher –  CRM Integrations Consultant, who's an expert on the topic. Tune in and listen to him talk about how to get started, the value of relevance, and the importance of having the right data. Also, he’ll give you some great tips on how to become a real personalisation professional. Let’s listen!

Zahar Torabi recording a podcast episode on data privacy.

What’s the Holy Grail within Data Privacy?

Sahar Torabi | Episode 3

Why are we so afraid of sharing data? And what obligations do you have as a marketer when it comes to Data Privacy? Today we’re talking to Sahar Torabi who works as a Legal Counsel. She’ll tell you everything about the Holy Grail within Data Privacy, how you – as a marketer – can work on credibility with your customers, and her best tips on how to stay alert with the latest news on the topic. Tune in!

Apsis Sofie Bjerkefeldt with headphones in apsis podcast studio.

The Hitchhiker's Guide to Marketing Automation

Sofie Bjerkefeldt | Episode 4

What are the benefits of working with marketing automation? And how can it be favourable for both marketers and recipients? Listen to Sofie Bjerkefeldt, Product Manager, talking about the importance of analysing the right data and to always have the recipient in mind – thus creating relevant content. Beyond that, she’ll share her best tips on how to get started with marketing automation. Let’s listen!

Apsis CMO Pelle Rosell recording a podcast in the Apsis podcast studio in Malmö.

MarTech: A CMO's view on MarTech trends

Pelle Rosell | Episode 5

What does the future of MarTech look like? And how can you build an insight-based marketing department? In this episode, we’re meeting Pelle Rosell – CMO at APSIS – who has been in the marketing industry for over 30 years. He’ll talk about the importance of having a clear strategy combined with your technology, how to cover all your touch points, how to find ideal customers, and last – but not least – he'll round off with a few helpful tips if you want to get started with MarTech. Tune in and take A Zip of Marketing!