Online ads with personal relevance

Use data from audience in APSIS One to target people on social media or display platforms. Optimise ROI and boost your relevance in one go.

Expand your digital presence and optimise your ad spend

  • Social Media
  • Display
Examples of social media ads on facebook and instagram

Reach your customers where they spend time

Social Media

Decrease your cost per click and increase your impact by targeting your customer profiles on Facebook and Instagram. Stay rest assured that your paid ads for social media reach the right people - at the right time.

  • Facebook
  • Instagram
examples of display ads in different devices

Seize the moment


Sharpen your reach, impact and spend. Our tool for display advertisement enables you to create your own specific segments to optimise your budget and increase your relevancy.

Social media node in the Apsis marketing automation tool.

Combine marketing automation and social media

Add social media to your marketing automation flows to enrich the customer journey and deliver your message when your audience wants it.

 Examples of segmentation, demographic and geographical in the Apsis One tool.

Get sharp with smart segments

Supercharge personalised messages. APSIS One Expand Social & Display unleashes five additional pre-defined smart segments to suit your industry and business goals.

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