Connect your platforms to create a holistic customer view

Integrate your systems and platforms with APSIS One to connect the data-dots you need to deliver a consistent brand experience. Regardless of channel or device.


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Lime CRM

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Make your CRM and marketing platform work as One

CRM integrations

Gain a holistic understanding of your existing and future customers by integrating your CRM with APSIS One. Enhance your organisational efficiency with smarter lead management, and make your marketing truly relevant.

Our two-way integrations with industry-leading CRM systems open up new possibilities for segmentation, personalisation, analytics and reporting.

Connect your CMS with digital channels to personalise the website experience

CMS integrations

Connect your CMS with APSIS One to make the website experience truly personal. Personalise any content on your website by using data from the entire customer journey to target specific segments and profiles. And leverage your online marketing campaigns by using CMS data to create personalised messages for email, SMS, marketing automation and more.  

Integrate your marketing platform with your online store

E-commerce integrations

Combine your E-commerce solution with APSIS One to gain a rich understanding of the entire customer journey. Syncronise customers and behavioural data and use your insights to drive revenue with personalised content across all channels and brand touchpoints. 

Learn more about Integrations

Let us show you how APSIS One Integrations can empower your digital marketing.