Own your lead management

Today, companies are spending more and more resources on attracting visitors to their websites. But only a few of them actually convert those visitors into leads. Your solution? APSIS Lead.

Take full control of your online leads

APSIS Lead provides a simple, yet fully detailed overview of your online leads. Score relevant online behaviour and use smart filters to find, understand and target each segment you want to reach, easily and efficiently. Use APSIS Lead to connect your sales team with your relevant buyers in a fast and simple way.

“Companies with automated lead management tools increase their sales by 10% within 6-9 months.”

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kontakta dina leads vid rätt tillfälle

Close the gap between marketing and sales

Using APSIS Lead will simplify your prospecting work, improve your timing in follow-ups and clarify which marketing activities actually bring the leads in. Not only will this improve your results, but your sales and marketing departments will be able to work together more closely and smoothly than ever before.

arbeta med skarpa leads

Are you missing out on potential leads?

Did you know that 95% of website traffic usually goes unnoticed? This is where we come in: APSIS Lead also provides you with detailed insights on the website visitors who don’t fill out forms. This adds new possibilities for your marketing and sales departments to target a wider range of relevant online leads.

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