Dynamic marketing automation. For everyone.

Our APSIS Marketing Automation tool makes it easy to automatically deliver customised content to each person in your audience.


Marketing that's automated and customised

Our easy-to-use, drag-and-drop APSIS Marketing Automation tool lets you build automation flows that create engaging and profitable customer relationships. Map out personalised journeys for every customer, and deliver engaging content that inspires them to take the next step in their journey towards a purchase. Then export data from your campaign to grow your knowledge; or import your data to lay the foundation for an even more personal brand experience! 


Start automated flows based on various triggers, including:
  • filled-form
  • received-email
  • Added-subscriber
  • achievement


Start personalised customer journeys with actions such as:
  • send-email
    Send Email
  • sms
    Send SMS
  • add-to-list
    Add to List
  • send-notification
    Send Notification


Tailor every step of the journey based on decisions such as:
  • timer
  • multiple-inputs
    Multiple Inputs
  • alarm-clock
    Alarm Clock
  • exist-in-list
    Exist in List

Measure your success

The intuitive dashboard in APSIS Marketing Automation displays the impact of your campaigns in real-time. The charts show exacly how many leads each flow generates, making it easy to analyse your results over time. Increase your efficiency by comparing the amount of leads that require more nurturing to leads that are ready to be passed on to your sales organisation.

Examples of companies that create successful Marketing Automation with us
kontakta dina leads vid rätt tillfälle

Increase your relevance

Personalised content is essential for capturing and evolving your audience's interest. APSIS Marketing Automation automatically adapts your message based on your visitors' behaviour and enagement. 

automation med e-post

Save time and resources

Manually creating personalised content requires both time and resources. Automating the critical steps of your marketing makes personalisation possible for any and all customer segments.

Generate hotter leads

Every visit on your website could be the beginning of a valuable customer relationship. Make sure to grasp every oppurtunity by nurturing and scoring every lead before handing them over to your sales team. 

Become an expert on marketing automation

Get detailed and practical knowledge on how to create and evolve valuable relationships with your leads and customers.

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