Omnichannel Marketing with APSIS Profile Cloud

To go omnichannel, you need connected profiles. Break your customer data out of its silo, and feed rich customer intelligence to all your marketing systems at once with APSIS Profile Cloud.

APSIS Profile Cloud. Powered by profiles.

Personalise your content

Adapt your website content any and all of your online visitors, based on their behaviour.

Retarget your emails and displays

Increase conversions for your abandoned shopping carts and display advertising by retargeting them. 

Power up your web analytics

Analyse your individual customer profiles by combining online and offline data to boost your results.

Big data needs big analytics.

Power up your analytics

APSIS Profile Cloud Analytics collects and formats all of your customer data around a single profile. It allows you to standardise all your profile data into a simple structure, giving you a physical picture of your customer data in real-time.

And that's not all! Feed your collected data to any web analytics package (such as Google Analytics) or other data system using a SQL connector. This will let you:

  • Query data in real-time
  • Connect different BI tools to both query and visualise data
  • Add new data easily, without any changes to the data structure
  • Create segments to power your personalisation
  • Optimise your Amazon Redshift connector
APSIS Triggered Emails for APSIS Profile Cloud

Triggered Emails

Strengthen your relationship with your customers by sending them personalised emails based on real-time behaviour you can see in their profile data. Keep things simple by setting up, editing and previewing your emails in the integrated email previewer. Get a full overview of all your triggered activities within one app interface. Do all this and more with our Triggered Emails app for APSIS Profile Cloud.

APSIS Pro Integration for APSIS Profile Cloud

APSIS Pro Integration

Add the power of APSIS Pro to your APSIS Profile Cloud environment, and enhance your profile-based marketing activities with the most essential digital channel of all: email. Our special APSIS Pro Integration app for APSIS Profile Cloud will let you enrich your customer profiles with demographic data and email behavioural data from your APSIS Pro accounts - all via automatic syncing.


"Profiling in a multichannel landscape is challenging. We needed the glue between the silos, and APSIS Profile Cloud does exactly that!" 

- Steen Kronborg, Chief Enterprise Architect, Dansk Supermarked

APSIS Profile Cloud Integrations

APSIS Profile Cloud is an open marketing hub with endless integration possibilities. Discover some examples of our existing integrations