APSIS Pro for Zapier

Create simple, light-weight integrations between APSIS Pro and your favourite web apps with Zapier. No need for coding or extra resources - just pure, automated processes that work!

What is Zapier?

Ever wished your web applications could work better together? Online automation tool Zapier achieves just that: it connects your favourite apps (more than 750 of them, in fact!), and creates triggered workflows or “zaps” to automate certain actions.

This way, your data and information about customers can move effortlessly from one application to another, leaving you free to deal with other tasks. Neat, isn’t it?

APSIS Pro & Zapier

Triggered workflows...

Integrating your APSIS Pro account with Zapier opens up lots of new possibilities! You can add a new attendee to APSIS Pro Event, for example, which will then trigger a workflow in Zapier and the app you’ve connected with it. Or if you use a lot of SMS notifications with your customers, you can set up a workflow triggered by whenever you receive a new SMS in your inbox.

...and automated tasks

You can also use this integration to automate different tasks in APSIS Pro like creating/updating subscribers, sending transactional emails, or updating the status of an attendee in APSIS Pro Event. All you need to do? Set up the integration through Zapier with an app like Google Sheets, Zendesk, Facebook Lead Ads etc. and watch the data fly from one environment to the next!

How do I set it up?

You don’t need much to integrate APSIS Pro with Zapier: apart from activating your APSIS API, all that’s left is setting up a Zapier account. And that’s it! No need for coding experience or support from developers; you can set up your own workflows between your apps and APSIS Pro with just a few clicks.