Get relevant with personalised product recommendations

Use our intuitive tool to create individual or crowd sourced recommendations based on your customers past behaviour on your website.

3 Main Benefits

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Quick implementation

Easily create recommendations based on demographic or behavioural data.

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Know your audience

Leverage your customer profiles to create recommendations that truly hit home.

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Drive sales

Give your revenue an extra kick by showing products that you know your customers can’t resist.

Recommend products that your customers love

  • Email recommendations
  • Site recommendations
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Retarget your visitors with product recommendations for email

Personalise any or all of your e-commerce emails with products and relevant content that you know your customers will appreciate.

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Website Recommendations

Personalised recommendations that work. Drive sales and boost relevance by adding personalised product recommendations based on behavioural data.

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Personalised recommendations – created by you

Put the power of customer-based personalised recommendations into the hands of your in-house team of creative geniuses.

Audience tool, an overview.

Understand your audience

Add behavioural website data to your existing profiles to yield a detailed picture of your audience’s wants and needs.

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