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Posted 14th December 2020 by APSIS

Automation, Data and 4 Expert predictions for 2021

We are living in a time where changes are made continuously. And working in a digital company requires us to be on top of the game. That’s why we asked 4 of our experts, in different areas, to predict what changes to expect for the coming year. Let's have a look.

Tags: integrations, marketing automation, data-driven marketing

Posted 16th November 2020 by APSIS

Optimise Christmas revenue: Turn dull campaigns into data-driven bliss

Christmas is a key time for retailers around the world! Get smart with our best practises for optimising campaigns and bring in massive sales for the holidays - and beyond! Read the blog for our data-driven tactics.

Tags: email marketing, e-commerce, data-driven marketing

Posted 20th October 2020 by APSIS

How To Turn One-off Black Friday Sales Into Repeat Purchases

Black Friday has become a prime opportunity for business to break records and attract new customers. But how can you leverage the engagement from first-time shoppers and turn them into returning customers? Check out this blog!

Tags: e-commerce, data-driven marketing

Posted 19th October 2020 by Sarah Chase

9 Frightening Digital-Marketing Buzzwords

The world of digital marketing is riddled with buzz... But let’s put on our finest buzz-busting attire to get under the skin of 9 pandemic buzzwords and marketing misconceptions.

Tags: marketing automation, data-driven marketing

Posted 14th October 2020 by APSIS

Retail Marketing Asia 2020: Endless Possibilities with Data-Driven Retail Marketing

Engagement is key to creating meaningful and long-lasting customer relationships. But in a competitive market, it’s not as easy as one could hope. APSIS’ Chief Commercial Officer, Jakob Lunøe, took the virtual stage at Retail Marketing Asia 2020 to present how retail businesses can use customer data to create personalised experiences that make them return, time and again. Let’s have a look!

Tags: marketing automation, e-commerce, data-driven marketing

Posted 22nd September 2020 by Guestblogger

How to align sales and marketing to increase customer value

Sales and marketing alignment is key to B2B business growth. But how can you align the two—when they’re aiming at different targets? Eduardo Alonso from the sales intelligence company Vainu shares how data can end the discord once and for all.

Tags: integrations, data-driven marketing, lead management

Posted 9th July 2020 by Sarah Chase

18 Data-Driven Resources Every Marketer Needs To Dive Into

The marketing sphere is filled to the brim with tools, terms and strategies you need to track. During this time of year, business, customers and life, in general, tend to slow down. So, If you’re looking for inspiration – seek no further! This blog post contains 18 must-sees and must-reads that'll last you all summer.

Tags: marketing automation, data-driven marketing

Posted 15th June 2020 by Olga Dufvenberg

Asking for a Friend… Data-Driven Basics Explained

The world of data-driven marketing is a jungle of terms, abbreviations, systems and concepts. And too often, it just sounds like something you heard in a sci-fi movie... To help you out, we’ve gathered 9 questions you always wanted to ask, but never dared to!

Tags: data-driven marketing

Posted 25th May 2020 by Sarah Chase

Customer Retention: What It Is And How It Helps To Sustain Business

There's no denying that we're in uncertain times. Even though you might feel inclined to focus your efforts on acquisition, you shouldn’t forget about the customers you already have. Let’s explore why customer retention matters for sustaining business now – and in the future.

Tags: integrations, marketing automation, data-driven marketing, lead management

Posted 14th April 2020 by Sarah Chase

How Marketers Can Adapt to COVID-19: From Data to Low-Hanging Fruit

Marketers and businesses are facing hardship amid the coronavirus pandemic. But how, and in which ways, should you react to the turmoil? Get tips from data to low-hanging fruit in this 8-minute read.


Tags: marketing automation, data-driven marketing