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Posted 11th May 2016 by Dag Thorén

3 important lessons from Bernie Sanders’ email marketing campaign

What's Democratic candidate Bernie Sanders' secret weapon? His email marketing campaign!

Tags: Email Marketing

Posted 10th May 2016 by Dag Thorén

The Ultimate Basic Subject Line Checklist

Writing the perfect subject line for your email sendings isn't easy. Particularly if you're just starting out in the field of email marketing! Which is why we've prepared this checklist to help you.

Tags: Email Marketing

Posted 4th May 2016 by Velina Parapanova

The Hottest Email Design Trends of 2016 (So Far)

Ever wondered what the newsletters of tomorrow look like? Now you don't have to, because we've collected all the freshest email design trends right here!

Tags: Email Marketing

Posted 28th April 2016 by APSIS

How to reduce churn: content marketing vs. email marketing

Is content marketing better than email marketing at keeping customers around?

Tags: Email Marketing

Posted 26th April 2016 by APSIS

How To Write A Great Welcome Email

Someone just subscribed to your newsletter. Congratulations! What happens next though?

Tags: Email Marketing

Posted 11th March 2016 by Noemi Gobel

Set Up Events Like A Pro

Think back to your last event. Would using an event management tool have made things easier?

Tags: Email Marketing

Posted 10th March 2016 by APSIS

How E-commerce Will Help Your B2B Company: Interview

New studies show that B2B e-commerce is on the rise. We asked APSIS E-commerce Expert Emil Eriksson about its impact on the B2B industry.

Tags: E-commerce

Posted 10th March 2016 by Noemi Gobel

Boost Your Customer Journey With These 4 Emails

The digital customer journey is having a golden moment. And with good reason.

Tags: Email Marketing, E-commerce

Posted 7th March 2016 by Romana Walter

Permission Matters in Marketing

What would you rather have: a large list of subscribers, or a well-performing one? Luckily, changing your attitude towards permission marketing can get you both.

Tags: Email Marketing

Posted 1st March 2016 by Noemi Gobel

Why Your Newsletters Need Their Own Tone

Would you talk to your best customer in three different styles during a live meeting? If your answer is "no", then it might be time to adjust your email marketing's tone as well.

Tags: Email Marketing


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