"APSIS Profile Cloud was up and running in under a week"

Tre customer case

The challenge

Like most large retailers, 3 has a wide range of different customers to serve and many products and services to offer – all from the same website. This made providing a personal and relevant experience to each and every customer problematic for the company.

The solution

Alexander Widmark, 3’s Conversion Manager, explains why they chose APSIS Profile Cloud to help solve this challenge:

“We benchmarked the different providers and felt that APSIS Profile Cloud offered the best scalable solution for our problem. From our CRM to our call centres, we have a lot of data; as we move forward, we want to be able to connect these data silos, create segments and use APSIS Profile Cloud as a rule engine for all of our content.” 

The result

3 started using APSIS Profile Cloud to create a profile for each individual user who visited their website, regardless of whether they were a registered customer, a prospect, an individual looking for a new phone or someone else.

Our solution then enriched each of these individual profiles with behavioural information: identifying business users, personal users and individuals looking for customer services, as well as understanding each user’s mobile platform preference, browsing habits (evening/lunchtime) and so on.

Segment-based web personalisation

After segmenting all these profiles into groups, 3 then used APSIS Profile Cloud to personalise their web content and present highly relevant offers to each of these customer segments, based on their behaviour.

As for the numbers: although it's still early days, APSIS Profile Cloud has increased conversions by up to 20%  for some of 3's key products, including their fast-growing 4G mobile broadband service. Alexander concludes:

“Time to market and the ability to turn insight into action quickly is crucial for us. The implementation of APSIS Profile Cloud was quick and easy - we were up and running in under a week.”