Arla kept their brand relevant with APSIS

Arla Foods, one of the world’s largest dairy companies, has been run by farmers for over 100 years. Their website,, is one of Sweden’s most-loved and popular recipe websites.

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The Challenge

With over 36 million visits in 2015, is a hugely popular recipe resource with a loyal following.  Arla’s overall goal was to serve these many thousands of followers with recipes and offers they personally love - no matter which domain or device they're using at the time. They wanted to make sure that their historic brand continues to be relevant, build more loyalty with readers and create great relationships with a new generation of followers.

The solution

Arla chose APSIS solutions to enhance their communication and bring their brand into the 21st century. 

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The Result

Arla took all users of their recipe website and created a unique customer profile for each of them. This helped the company understand who was visiting their site, and what they were interested in. 

Each of these profiles was then enriched with behavioural information, so that Arla could understand their customers' interests: like who's interested in baking, for instance. All of these interests created segments that allowed Arla to understand each customer and communicate with them individually. 

APSIS then shared these profiles with Arla's CRM to generate relevant coupons for each customer that were sent out by email. These could then be redeemed in stores, giving Arla the unique opportunity to join together online and offline behaviour and create a direct relationship with each customer: the "holy grail" for FMCG companies. As a result, Arla now has a wholly personalised communication with their individual customers.

Personalised experience in all channels

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