"Many people read about our events in our emails."

Finnish family-owned arts and crafts company Sinelli offers creative ideas and products for DIY activities (e.g. making jewellery, cards etc.). They’ve been using APSIS products to simplify their marketing for a couple of years now, and the results just keep getting better and better.

Sinelli products, paper garlands

The challenge

Before starting their APSIS journey, Sinelli had trouble reaching their customers regularly. Since their business has several seasons, many sources of inspiration and different events, the look and feel of their email sendings (as well as personalising them as much as possible) was extremely important to them. They also wanted to market their webshop, increase their sales and engage their customers much better than before.


In Sinelli’s case, we knew that APSIS would let them customise their sendings easily, and create regular sendings (once a week, for example). APSIS would also let them grow their e-commerce business by directing subscribers to the webshop or sending them personalised special offer codes.


The result

Sinelli’s email sendings have had very high click-through rates since the moment they started using APSIS, thanks to the consistently great design and content they use.

"As a graphic designer, I particularly appreciate how easy it is to personalise our emails in APSIS, so that we can express our own visual identity. And it’s also easy to update if we want to! It’s so easy, in fact, that anyone standing in for me can learn it quickly," laughed Graphic Designer Jussi Forsström. Sinelli also increased their webshop traffic and their amount of online sales.

When asking their customers for feedback, Sinelli discovered that many of their visitors got the news about their next business events from the sendings, which was an extra bonus.

"We always ask our customers where they heard about our events, and people often tell me that they read about them in our sending. Which means that our emails are read thoroughly. Sales in the online shop have also been steadily growing," adds Forsström, happily. Since then, their email sendings regularly feature event promotions and webshop campaigns.

From Sinelli's perspective, a close interaction and personal touch from APSIS has been essential during their relationship with us. According to Forsström, even though he‘s the one creating the content for each sending, sometimes our experienced email designers offer him advice on what might work even better to generate more sales.

“I have always received support when I’ve needed it, and I’ve been very happy with the training sessions! Our next task is to work together with APSIS to develop the identification of our email target groups and segmentation. Until now, we have only kept a list of contact details - but we expect to benefit much more from online marketing!"
Jussi Forsström, Graphic Designer


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