GDPR Survival Guide

Ever since the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) was announced back in 2016, the regulation has been on every digital marketer’s lips. With this guide, we’ll provide you with useful information about GDPR.

Need a crash course?

All you need to know about the new rules and regulations concerning personal data management in the EU - in one convenient document.

GDPR Turns the Tide of Distrust

Is the GDPR all pain and no gain? With the growing data distrust and fragmented legal landscape in mind; it might be a digital-marketing godsend.

Gavel on laptop

3 GDPR Myths

What’s right and wrong when trying to be GDPR compliant? Our legal counsel Sahar guides you through three common myths to get you on the right path.

A pile of dusty law books and a pair of glasses.

GDPR: The Essentials

Does GDPR have you stuck between a rock and a hard place? We'll answer questions about how GDPR impacts your relationship with your audience and APSIS.

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GDPR: Sunny Side Up

The sheer mention of the GDPR makes some marketers’ knees shake. However, with the right mindset and actions, GDPR can actually benefit your business.



Who accounts for what part of data processing process? We’ve created a FAQ relating to the GDPR and your use of our services