Get started with Marketing Automation

Want to ensure that you send relevant information to the right person at the right time? In this webinar, we’ll walk you through the unbeatable advantages of turning impersonal bulk into fine-tuned automation.

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    Marketing automation and the person behind each click

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    In this webinar we’ll take it one step further and introduce how the combination of marketing automation and customer profiles leverages an unbeatable sense of personalisation.

    Time: 26:40


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    3 Marketing automation flows to engage your leads

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    APSIS PS consultant and marketing automation expert Mattias Vig will show you how to engage new leads and customers with 3 different flows in APSIS Marketing Automation.

    Time: 28:46

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    Marketing Automation for B2B businesses

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    We will explain the basic concepts of marketing automation and show how easily it lets you create direct communication with your customers in a B2B world.

    Time: 28:53