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Posted 30th May 2017 by Emil Eriksson

Enrich the Customer Experience with Advanced E-commerce Recovery

Find out how a RFM frame of analysis will take your e-commerce strategy to a whole new level of customer retention and cost-efficiency.

Tags: E-commerce, Data-Driven Marketing

Posted 11th May 2017 by Mohammed Raad

How to connect the latest LinkedIn feature with your marketing automation tool?

Here at APSIS, we decided to put the new LinkedIn Lead forms to a test by connecting it with our own APSIS Marketing Automation tool. Here’s how to do it in five easy steps.

Tags: Marketing Automation, Data-Driven Marketing

Posted 5th May 2017 by Emil Eriksson

How Marketing Automation Creates Success in E-commerce

Want to know how marketing automation boosts your e-commerce business towards success? Emil Eriksson will let you know how!

Tags: Marketing Automation, E-commerce

Posted 5th May 2017 by Mattias Ward

The 360-Degree Customer View: Customer Profiles and Marketing Automation

Profiles pinpoint your customers’ pain points, and merges demographic and psychographic data into ideal and actual customer personas. However, if you marry customer profiles with marketing automation, your personalisation and lead generation can be taken into new heights. How? Let’s see!

Tags: Email Marketing, Marketing Automation, Data-Driven Marketing

Posted 25th April 2017 by Emil Eriksson

The Dos and the Don’ts of E-commerce Recovery

With the right tools and analysis, the lengthy process of data collection will rekindle the interest of lost shoppers. So here’s the million-dollar question: how can you get your e-commerce recovery just right?

Tags: E-commerce

Posted 21st April 2017 by Mattias Ward

8 Steps To Getting Started with Customer Profiles (Part 2)

After introducing us to the importance of profile marketing, APSIS Profile Cloud evangelist Mattias Ward translates the importance of profiles into 8 descriptive action points.

Tags: Data-Driven Marketing

Posted 18th April 2017 by Noemi Gobel

5 Winning Examples of Marketing Automation

Discover how using marketing automation will revitalise your business - through 5 inspiring examples from other companies!

Tags: Marketing Automation

Posted 13th April 2017 by Velina Parapanova

INFOGRAPHIC: Global Design vs. Email Design

When it comes to design, do global trends affect what happens in the world of email design? Find out for yourself if there’s a connection between the two!

Tags: Email Marketing

Posted 10th April 2017 by Wilhelm Sahlberg

Why Marketing Automation Matters - Today And In the Future

Imagine a world where marketing is completely automated. Sounds like a utopian reality? Not quite. Marketing automation is a solution that helps you do more, in less time and with better results. Curious?

Tags: Marketing Automation

Posted 7th April 2017 by Noemi Gobel

Is This The Year Of Interactive Emails?

When it comes to interactive email design, everyone has a different opinion: email marketing analysts have been predicting (and worshipping) them for years, but email designers have been slightly more wary. Why?

Tags: Email Marketing


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