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Posted 5th July 2016 by APSIS

The importance of real-time segmentation – 3 questions to ask yourself

A search on Google gives me 17,700,000 results for “real time segmentation”....

Tags: Data-Driven Marketing

Posted 29th June 2016 by APSIS

The Evolution of Personalisation - And Why You Should Care

Discover the story behind personalised marketing and the tools out there that make it work!

Tags: Data-Driven Marketing

Posted 23rd June 2016 by APSIS

DMARC: What does it mean?

Gmail recently announced that they’re about to adopt a much more strict DMARC policy than before. But what is that exactly? And what is DMARC anyway?

Tags: Email Marketing

Posted 22nd June 2016 by APSIS

Ask An Email Designer: Fixing the lines in Outlook 2016

We noticed some strange lines appearing in our newsletters when opened in Outlook 2016, and our email designers couldn't rest until they fixed the problem. Find out how they did it!

Tags: Email Marketing

Posted 21st June 2016 by APSIS

Innometrics and Apsis merge – what it means for you, us and the industry

On Friday 17th June Innometrics and Apsis became one company; a real-time customer data platform mer...

Tags: Data-Driven Marketing

Posted 1st June 2016 by Noemi Gobel

33 Hot Stats about Lead Management & Automation

Lead management and marketing automation have a great impact on businesses everywhere. Don't believe us? We have 33 statistics to prove our point!

Tags: Marketing Automation, Lead Management

Posted 31st May 2016 by Dag Thorén

Get The Right Data In 5 Steps

Before you start up your brand new marketing automation campaign, you need the right data. But how do you get it?

Tags: Marketing Automation

Posted 22nd May 2016 by APSIS

5 Simple Ways to Increase Your Email Open Rates

Email open rates are a tricky business. But how to increase email open rates with minimum effort but maximum impact?

Tags: Email Marketing

Posted 20th May 2016 by Noemi Gobel

Email Marketing Does This Better Than Social Media

Marketers around the world, beware: do not build on rented land.

Tags: Email Marketing

Posted 16th May 2016 by APSIS

5 Essential Tips About Data Driven Buyer Personas

personalisation-team.png  ...

Tags: Data-Driven Marketing


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