"We’ve experienced that having emails as a part of our communication helps engage people significantly."

WWF Finland is one of the largest, most well-respected, independent environmental organisations in the country. The international WWF network operates actively in more than 100 countries, and they have over 5 million supporters worldwide. WWF’s mission is to stop impoverishing nature and build a future where people and nature live in balance. WWF works in all dimensions of nature conservation. 

Bear in the forrest

The Challenge

WWF’s supporters enable the persistent work for endangered species and their valuable environment in Finland and the rest of the world.
The competition among different charitable organisations to get constant supporters has become tougher in the past few years, and engagement has started to play a vital part in the race. WWF Finland wanted to further develop a channel that would help them communicate with their supporters about why their support is necessary, and the organisation’s accomplishments.

The result

WWF Finland started using APSIS to send out emails as a part of their communication with donors: both private individuals and companies, as well as other stakeholders. Today, the different teams of WWF Finland are able to use APSIS in a diverse way. 

The solution

”We started using APSIS tools to communicate more regularly and consistently with our donors and other stakeholders. We’ve experienced that having emails as a part of our communication helps engage people significantly,” says Tarja Hakala, Fundraising Director (Individuals), WWF Finland. WWF Finland considers engagement as a vital factor, because keeping current donors is much more profitable than getting new ones. ”We talk about our accomplishments, success stories and current news in our newsletters and other messages at length. We believe that communication is key when donors are considering whether or not to continue supporting the same organisation,” Hakala continues.

”It’s been possible for private individuals to support our operations for about 20 years now, and we wanted to start implementing a similar kind of possibility for companies to support us,” adds Leena Oiva, Development Manager for Corporate Relations at WWF Finland.

WWF Finland thinks that APSIS has been an outstanding partner, and that cooperation between the two companies has been easygoing. They feel that handling several technical issues in the local language (Finnish) has been especially smooth. “APSIS tools are intuitive to use, and the reporting tool in particular has been very useful in following up results,” Oiva describes.

WWF is about to start using triggered messages in order to make their marketing more automated. ”The importance of email has grown significantly over the recent years, due to its powers of engagement. We also want our emails to be responsive, so our donors and other stakeholders will have a seamless user experience in all channels. We’re eager to start using APSIS' solutions, and see the first results,” Hakala and Oiva sum up.

Intrigued? We thought so.